As Synagogues close throughout Chicago and we are not in school, our normal Tefillah (prayer) routine has changed. However, that does mean our Teffilot are any less meaningful or important. We may be praying alone or together with family in our homes, but Tefillah transcends distance and can connect us to the ultimate friend; Hashem. Below are resources to help you with your Tefillah. 

Just like in school, we recommend you put aside time at 8:30am to Daven. You can Daven as you usually do in school or use some of the resources below to help. 

Please note that 3rd/4th will have a live Davening each morning at 8:45am and all students are welcome to join and daven along or daven while connected to the group. Click here at 8:45am to join. 

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