Atmosphere Update 3/31/20

Dear Parents and Staff, 

We entered week three of Akiba Atmosphere with the same energy and commitment as day one. How is that possible? The smiles we keep seeing every day. It is as simple as that. We also know how important the Akiba Atmosphere has been for our students and for you. It is for that reason, we have been meeting this week to come up with a special schedule for Pesach Break. These are unusual times and while we would usually all just go on break, our staff want to make sure the students keep what for some has been a critical lifeline. We look forward to sharing that schedule for you by the end of the week, but it will include electives, a model seder, clubs, a scavenger hunt and more! All programs will be optional.

If you have not had a chance to read it yet, please click here to read a student account of Akiba Atmosphere. Thank you, Nina for writing it and thank you for your continued support. 

Please also check out this article that came out today about what we all did together. Click here to read. Thank you to our PTO chairs for their ongoing support!

We have also been hosting prospective parent tours of Akiba Atmosphere, have invited the community to join some of our Early Childhood programming, and we are sharing what we are doing with other schools around the country to support their efforts. There is a strong sense of being in this together with all of you, our community and the field of education. We continue to refine each day, and while we are not sure when we will be together again in the same physical space, we are grateful we can be here for you virtually. 

Akiba Atmosphere Site Updates:

  • Please make sure to fill out the Corona Chesed form if you have not already done so and can use or can give some support to others. We have had families fill it out and we are grateful for the opportunity to support each other. Click here for the form.

  • The Early Childhood has been producing fantastic videos for their children and families. We have created a menu item for the “Akiba Early Childhood Connects” under the “Non-Live Classes” menu. You can also click here to access it right now. 

  • On the Akiba Early Childhood Connects we have added a wonderful meditation video for older children and adults by Purple Room’s very own Kristine Greiber. A link can be found on the Family Resources page under “Parent Self-Care” titled “Meditation for a Calm Heart.” You can click here to access it directly. 

  • For our teachers we have added a forum to increase support and to be able to archive and search questions/answers that was difficult to do in our WhatsApp groups. 

  • Don’t forget you need the password (sent in the email to you) to access the Schedules and ZOOM Links menu under “Support.” 

Keep safe, healthy and keep soaring in the Akiba Atmosphere!


Dr. Eliezer Jones               Miriam Kass                    Carla Goldberg  Head of School         Grade School Principal     Early Childhood Director

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