Atmosphere Update 3/19/20

Dear Parents and Staff -

Day two? Yep, it is only day two of our Akiba Atmosphere school and what a first day it was! We have gotten tremendous feedback from parents and please keep that coming. It means a lot to our staff. Our teachers and staff continue to work around the clock to create the best learning possible remotely. As a staff we are in constant communication with each other, supporting each other and sharing ideas. Besides making the online and offline learning better each day, we are also creating special events and activities. There is much happening with one thing in mind, your children. At the same time we know this has been a difficult transition for many of you as parents and we are here to support you. That is why we have the Akiba Atmosphere website.

If you have not already been, please go to www.akibaatmosphere.comand review all the pages. Here is a summary of what you can see and we will send updates as we have them.

  • The Updates page has all of these updates.

  • In the About Us section you will find expectations for students and parents.

  • Please see below for a new addition there.

  • Under "Support" you will find the preschool schedule (click here for that in case you missed it) and general grade school schedule. You will also find technical support and family support (please click on that).

  • The "Non-Live Classes" has your Tefillah options and PE activities. A Parsha page will be added soon.

  • The "Family Resources" has many resources to make this easier at home and will be updated regularly. See below for new updates.

  • There is a new "teacher resources" section for our teachers that currently has access to the remote learning doc we have been updating.

Updates to Akiba Atmosphere since launch:

Family Resources Section

15 Broadway Plays and Musicals you can watch on stage from home

Alton Browns Handwashing Tutorial

African Wildlife Live Cameras

Grade School Parent Expectations (under "About Us")

We have added an important bullet point to the Grade School Parent Expectations under Helping With Technology based on what we noticed after day one.

Check Often: Check when you can what your child is doing online during school so they are being encouraged to stay as focused as possible on school work. After-school, if you allow your child to use a computer, check as well. Many children are setting up Zoom (video conference tool) get togethers with their friends after school. This can be a wonderful way to stay connected, but know there is no school adult in those meetings. A quick check is a great way to ensure everyone is staying safe online.

Thank you again and we wish all your children a wonderful day of learning today!

Dr. Eliezer Jones

Head of School

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