Akiba Atmosphere Updates 5/8/20

Dear Parents and Staff,  As Atmosphere updates are less frequent, it reinforces the fact that we have grounded ourselves in a routine and for better or worse have gotten used to this new normal. With that said, we continue to updatethe site, enhance our programming, increase support for our students, teachers and parents and reflect on what we are doing so that we can continue to make adjustments as needed. We also continue to be so grateful for your support and this week we are especially grateful for the wonderful work of our PTO.  It is teacher appreciation week and the PTO besides sending us all gifts, put together two wonderful videos shared with the staff today. Thank you! The first was a thank you video from our students and the other was a thoughtful and funny teacher awards.  You can find both videos on our Atmosphere Video Gallery by clicking here. We have also added a new Early Childhood Art Gallery to the site. There has been much creativity continuing among our youngest students and this art gallery gives you a small window into it. We will be adding more pictures to the gallery soon. Click here to view. Next week is the Color War which is truly a competition filled with support, care and community. Thanks to Sarah Rodin and our entire staff who are helping, we pulled off the impossible and created a fully online Color War. We will even have, as we do every year, Color War T-shirts delivered to all Early Childhood and Grade School students.  Also, please note that we have removed the document with individual schedules from the "Schedules and ZOOM" page (Click here and use the password - sent in email update- to access) for privacy reasons. However, if you need help with your schedule please email Ms. Kass.  Have a wonderful Shabbat and thank you to all our teachers for your hard work, dedication and love of our students. Sincerely, 

Dr. Eliezer Jones               Miriam Kass                    Carla Goldberg  Head of School         Grade School Principal     Early Childhood Director

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