Akiba Atmosphere 2.0

Dear Parents and Staff -

With Week One of Akiba Atmosphere behind us, we look ahead to Akiba Atmosphere 2.0. There is an idea in the tech world that one should alway be in Beta, meaning technology can't be stagnant. At Akiba Atmosphere we are driven by our values that we have had long before we went remote. However, when it comes to making sure the technology and the remote methods of connecting with our students stay true to our values, we are always in Beta. We are always testing, always tweaking, always sharing ideas with each other, always supporting each other and always doing our best to make it work for our students, staff and families.

Did you know we have two WhatsApp groups for our staff that are buzzing all day and night? One for general communication of ideas and the other for tech support? Did you know we are designing a staff forum for more in depth support? Did you know we have doubled the amount of staff and leadership team meetings so we can stay on top of what our teachers and students need? Did you know we surveyed the teachers on Friday to get critical feedback on how things are going and are adjusting accordingly? We are proud of what we as a team and community have been able to accomplish in a short amount of time, but by no means are we content. We will be here for all of you until we get back into our building and that means constantly adjusting as we learn in this new way.

Before getting to the updates, we want to make sure you have seen the Corona Chesed form we added to the site last week. Please fill it out if you need support or you are able to provide it. Click here to access.

So what does Akiba Atmosphere 2.0 look like:

Early Childhood

  • An updated preschool schedule is now available on the Atmosphere site (see below regarding password needed) and you can click here to access

  • Early childhood teachers will be in contact soon to set up 1:1 sessions with your child.

  • New live sessions have been added: Library with Becky and daily KDG chapter books and more sessions at 1:30pm.

  • Science with Sarah Rodin on Wednesdays from 2:30pm-3pm.

  • Carla's sessions will be at 11:15am Monday-Thursday

  • New videos added to the awesome Akiba Early Childhood Connects page with yoga, books read by teachers, passover songs, pie making, tutorials and more! Click here to check it out!

Grade School

  • We have made adjustments to the time in between classes. The normal five minutes that works in the building is more difficult online. Now there will be ten minutes in between.

  • We have adjusted the art and music times

  • PE will be added into the schedule and not just as a completely do-it-yourself activity

  • Rabbi M's Live Davening will be at 8:30am (was at 8:45am) to allow any grade school student who wants to join to be able.

  • We are developing virtual family events

  • We have been doing 1:1 teacher-student meetings and have seen them to be very successful. We encourage all students who want that to either respond to those requests by your teacher or request them yourself. Teachers have indicated they are happy to set up 1:1 time as needed.

  • We are adding Zoom links (will be complete tonight) to the master schedule so parents and students can have that as reference. Click here to access.

All Grade School students will receive new individual schedules tonight via an email from Ms. Kass.

Please note that the schedule and zoom links page on the Akiba Atmosphere will now be password protected so that the live classes are not accessible to strangers who might find our site. That has not happened, but we want to be careful. The password is: *We sent this in the constant contact on Sunday if you need it

We look forward to a wonderful Week Two of learning at Akiba Atmosphere and we leave you with this meaningful message on last week's Torah portion from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on how we can reorient ourselves to make the most of this time. Click here and enjoy!


Dr. Eliezer Jones               Miriam Kass                     Carla Goldberg Head of School         Grade School Principal     Early Childhood Director

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